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2020 has been a challenging year for us all. We had to halt public meetings from March onwards as Covid came on the horizon. The Trustees have been meeting virtually during this time, keeping up to date with matters arising in the town and finances. We have been very fortunate with grants from theTown Council and a large donation gratefully received from Rob Brandreth's wife Cathy. Many will know that Rob passed away earlier this year. The Society with the help of Houghton Hall Park and Chamberlain Holdings are working on a joint project to plant an Oak Tree surrounded by a bed of flowers, this will include a memorial plaque in memory of Rob in the formal Garden of the park. During this year we have increased the number of images on this website to over one thousand, some of which have been donated by residents. We thank all members who have supported the Society during this year. We are currently looking at different ways we could operate via Microsoft Teams and hopefully we will be able to give you more news on this in the coming months or better still to restart public meetings again?.    David Hill 30/12/20


Be aware the use of the images on any form of media including Facebook require our permission before ordering. Have you seen our new professional website? if you are interested in heritage why not join us?. We hope you will enjoy looking at the many pictures in this archive.