The Houghton Regis Heritage Society is grateful to the people and organisations who have supplied pictures, postcards and documents to the Pat Lovering Collection and others collections that we hold. It has not been possible to trace original photographers of many of the older images in the archive, but we have added them in good faith.

Below is a list of people and organisations who have given pictures to the Archive. If for any reason you would like a particular picture/description to be removed or amended please click here to send an email describing your changes and/or reasons for removal, giving the Item's reference, to HRHS Archive

All Saints Church - Baldock J Mrs - Bandy H Mr - Beacon J Mr - Bedfordshire & LutonArchives Service - Bedfordshire Newspapers - Bedfordshire Times/County Record Office - Bird Colin Mr - Bird D Mr - Bird Stuart Mr - Bright L Mr - Buckledee J Mr - Buckler G Rev - Burnage I Mrs - Bushby R Mr /Dunstable Gazette - Cameron P Mrs - Cherry R Mrs- County Records Office - Cumberland  T Mr - Davies B Mr - DHHS - Dickens John Mr - Donoghue D Mr -Dunstable Gazette/Luton Museum - Dunstable History & Heritage - Evans Paul Mr - Evening Post - Eyres B Mrs - Faiers O Mrs / Dunstable Gazette - Fensome D E Mr - Fensome L Mrs - Fookes D Mr - Gay Colin Fr - Gelsthorp S Mrs - Giles M Mr- Goodall Sheila Mrs - Goosey R Mr - Green David Mr - Hale Joan Mrs - Hall J Mrs - Hamill D Mrs - Harvey B Mrs - Hill David Mr - Houghton Regis Memorial Hall Committee - Houghton Regis Town Council - Houghton Regis Upper School - Hyde Renee Mrs - Janes L Mrs - Johns A Mr - King Alf Mr - King S Mrs - Leigh Beryl Mrs - Lovering Pat - Lovering R Mr - Lowen E - Luton Museum - Mayne P L - Pinner L Mr - Pratt F W Mr - Pratt P Mr - Robinson W Mrs - Roucoux O Mr - Sandifer G Mr & Mrs - Sawer Keith Fr - Shotbolt L Mrs - Smith W Mr - Squires V Mrs - St.Vincents Lower School - Taylor Reg Mr - The Luton News/Dunstable Gazette - Thompson D Mrs - Tomkins I Miss -Tomkins V Mrs - Turner Roger Mr - Wallis K Mr/ Dunstable Gazette- Wallis Keith Mr - Whalley M Mrs - Woodhouse A Mr - Wraight M Mrs - Wraight T Mr.